Research-and-production firm Pribor-T is a developer of laser technologies and equipment for a number of technical directions: electrovacuum and semi-conductor manufacture, precisional instrument making and precise mechanical engineering branches.

RPF Pribor-T operates on the basis of the educational-exploratory laboratory of laser engineering and technology of the Saratov State technical university (SSTU) equipped with a broad park of the modern laser equipment.

The high scientific and technical proficiency of the implementators allows to create technological processes and equipment for their realization on the basis of the last achievements of science and technics. The laser machines developed in our firm, are supplied with modern computer facilities, fiber waveguide systems, transporting energy, are made of special stuffs.

The 30-years experience of activity of the employees in the field of laser technologies creation has allowed to realize on the designed equipment a number of unique technological processes, such as:

        laser welding;

        laser drilling of foramens in different details (injectors of diesel engines, die holes, sprayers, microdiaphragmes etc.);

        laser adjustment of resistors;

        functional adjustment of electronic blocks of hybrid chips and so-called systems;

        processing of films on the given configuration;

        manufacturing of grids of the various forms out of hard-processed materials (pyrographite, molybdenum etc.);

        laser soldering;

        laser pyrolysis;

        evaporation of films, including emissive;

        laser spectral analysis of materials.

The research-and-production base of RPF Pribor-T and established cooperation with mechanical engineering enterprises allow to organize effective and qualitative manufacturing of single samples and small series of the equipment.

Except for the listed technological processes and equipment RPF Pribor-T is ready to develop other processes and equipment on demand of a customer and to manufacture them in necessary quantity.

Last years RPF Pribor-T also develops laser devices of medical purpose.



Chief of RPF Pribor-T Sokolova

Tel +7 (8452) 372-975; 52-63-80 Tatiana Nikolaevna,

E-mail candidate of science



Scientific chief Chebotarevsky

Yury Victorovich, professor,

Tel/fax +7 (8452) 50-77-40 doctor of science, rector of SSTU .

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